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Why Home Watch?

No home comes with an owner’s manual.

Understanding the needs of a home, occupied or unoccupied, comes from years of experience working on homes and seeing firsthand the problems that can arise and that can be avoided with the proper care and inspections.

After 30 years as a contractor, I have seen so many homeowners frustrated with the needs of a home and never really know where to turn to or start for help.  As years went by, I realized that I can help so many more homeowners, in so many ways, by being the guy to go to for any of their needs.

Homeowners need a person they can trust and count on to relieve frustrations when problems arise whether home, or away.

Understanding the area is important for a home watch company, knowing how to get around the area and who to call for services is a leading factor in how well your home is taken care of. I was born and raised in the area which makes it especially rewarding to serve the area for me. So many things can happen and go wrong in a home and not understanding or even not knowing what to look for while home is one thing but while the home is vacant it is especially important to have someone there who understands what to look for and address any issues or concerns. Trust is something that can only be earned and is priceless, Reliability is what you expect but hard to come by, Communication is what keeps a relationship strong and your mind at ease. Someone that is in your home and on your property should have all these traits, the calming feelings of you having that is what makes my home watch company the right fit for my clients.

Hudson Valley Home Watch is an Accredited member of the National Home Watch Association.

Home Watch: A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.